We have had this great game of football for over 60 years now and there have been there have been may great quarterbacks; Johnny U, Marino, Elway, Favre, Montana, Aikman, Bradshaw, Staubach, Young, Starr, Manning, yes and Brady. Please then answer the following question:

How can the New England Patriots during Tom Brady’s tenure do something that has never been done before ?  Win their division 12 out of 13 years IN A ROW ?  FOLKS, its a statistical improbability to do that when no one has ever done it before. Teams have bad years, Even without Brady in 2008, they still won 10 or 11 games, OF COURSE BELICHIK CHEATS ! He will do whatever he can to win.

Ask the Baltimore Ravens if Belichick cheats, Ask JJ Watts if Belechick cheats. Ask the New York Jets if Belichick cheats (Jets playbook turns up in New England facilities). Ask Marshall Faulk if Belichick cheats. Ask Carey  Williams of the Eagles if Belichick cheats, etc

Kudos to you Don Shula, a man of character, integrity and honor. You won the right way. You embodied great sportsmanship in your sport for so many years.